A Winter Wonderland afternoon tea at The Chesterfield, Mayfair


It’s December now, and Christmas is near. As if there weren’t enough things reminding us of the fact already (think Regent Street Christmas lights, Costa Coffee Christmas cups, and Christmas songs playing on the radio), The Chesterfield in Mayfair is offering a Winter Wonderland afternoon tea as well. What a great way to get you feeling festive, and if anything, to sprinkle in some fun and delicious creativity in the form of Christmas tree and Yule log shaped sweet treats.



The Chesterfield’s cosy, wood-paneled Butlers Restaurant with carpet floors and red chairs is the perfect backdrop for a tea service that is Christmas-themed.


The introductory mulled wine shot added to this festiveness, and so did most of the items on the menu, including the Chesterfield Christmas Blend. A fine black Assam tea from India with ginger, orange peel, cloves and herbs, it continued the spice and warmth the mulled wine shot had only teased us with before.


The homemade sandwiches did not disappoint, although they also did not blow me away. The egg and watercress on basil bread, and the cucumber and cream cheese on white bread were tasty, classic combinations. The one sandwich that did spellbind me was turkey on white bread with cranberry and mayonnaise. So juicy, moist and flavoursome, it was a sandwich I could have any day.


The chocolate scones were almost a cross between chocolate muffins and brownies, fluffy and yet moist. Delicious, in any case. If you’re a chocolate fan, the chocolate tea made a lovely addition to the sweet section as well. Aside from the chestnut macaroon, which was a bit dry, the festive pastries and cupcakes were a definite winner for this afternoon tea. It wasn’t all show, but there was depth and complexity to it too.


From the clementine and pistachio slice, to the cranberry mousse, to the chocolate Yule log, and to the Christmas tree chocolate and coffee pot, the little desserts were difficult not to finish. There were smooth textures, crunchy bits. And far from sugar being the star of the night, it was everything from pistachio to chocolate to cranberry.


The Chesterfield, Mayfair’s festive Winter Wonderland tea runs until 31st December, but be warned, it was already difficult to book a place in November.


Area: Mayfair, West London

Closest tube: Green Park (Piccadilly, and Jubilee line)

Address: The Chesterfield Mayfair

35 Charles St

London W1J 5EB


Website: https://www.chesterfieldmayfair.com/afternoon-tea


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