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Last year I did something crazy and ordered an advent calendar for myself. And it wasn’t just an ordinary chocolate one, but one that I could enjoy in a cup every day. An avid tea drinker as I am, always keen to try new varieties and blends, the Posttea Christmas calendar was a daily package of joy.



The loose-leaf teas came in little paper bags that could be hung on a string and opened each day of December, leading up to Christmas. From a Traditional Earl Grey, to a Chai Gingerbread, Genmaicha, and Cherry Cobbler, the calendar offered fun blends, and more serious, high-quality pure teas too.


Pictured you can see the tea from day 1: G&Tea, a Sencha green tea blend with dried lemon, orange peel, juniper berries and natural flavour – a great start to the day! All tea descriptions also came with instructions regarding tea amount, temperature and brew time for the ideal brew.


Christmas is quickly coming around again, and December is on our doorstep. I was excited when I first came across this loose-leaf tea advent calendar through a blog, because I had never even considered the idea of a tea calendar before. When the minimum purchase for loose-leaf tea is usually 50g, sometimes 100g, the idea of being able to sample a different tea every day without having to commit to it sounded incredibly appealing.


Fast-forward one year, and here I am with my own food blog, wanting to pass on this excitement to you. There are several tea companies out there, all offering their own tea calendar versions. While at this point I can only recommend the Posttea option, since it’s the only one I’ve tried, let me leave you with a list of possible other alternatives. As long as I could get you excited about the idea of a Christmas tea calendar, you’ll have made my day.



You can also order it here: Not on the High Street

Other alternatives:


Artful Tea

English Tea Shop


Bluebird Tea


Milly Green

Cup of Tea

Tea Revv

Fortnum & Mason


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