7 romantic cafes in Seoul to take your date to

Make a night out with your date extra special by taking them to one of these seven soul-warming cafes in Seoul. You’ll find anything from a hipster atmosphere to a traditional Korean house and delicious desserts like fluffy pancakes.



This is no random Google search to present you with suggestions. We have visited each and every one of these cafes, sometimes more than once, and can absolutely vouch for them. Go enjoy the romance you deserve!


The intimate, cute cafe with pavlova for dessert

Tora-b in Hongdae – 토라비



If a snuggly little place is your cup of tea, Tora-b in university area Hongdae is perfect for a romantic date. Reminiscent of a ski cabin with its wood-focused interior, you’ll want to plan your next (or first) romantic trip to Switzerland as well. The stars on the menu are pavlovas, we picked banana Nutella. Crush it with a spoon first or dig right in. The slightly sour lemonade cuts nicely through the meringue-based crunchy, creamy sweet dessert, and the tea is a perfect smoother alternative.


Closest subway station: Hongik University 홍대입구 (line 2, 경의중앙선, 공항철도)

Address: 24 Wausan-ro 29ba-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The calm cafe with Totoro figurines

Annyeong near Sogang University – 안영.



Annyeong, a stone’s throw from Sogang University, is a cute little neighbourhood gem. It’s small and the coffee menu fits on a single page. It’s a bit of a quiet underdog, which makes it perfect for an intimate moment you’ve been craving to have with your other half all day. Perhaps not the main date night event, but for a perfect Annyeong coffee with special cream and nuts after lunch or dinner, and some Totoro figurines to decorate your romantic mood, it ticks all the boxes – especially if you’re a Studio Ghibli fan!


Closest subway station: Daeheung 대흥 (line 6)

Address: 250-1 Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The bohemian cafe with a dog

Serendipity near Ewha Woman’s University – 세렌디피티



There are animal cafes aplenty in Seoul. And then there are cafes with an animal. Serendipity near beautiful Ewha Women’s University is one of them. When we came in we thought we were looking at two dog dolls, but one of them wagged its tiny tail. You might find this little guardian dog wearing a Parisian black-striped shirt, and, once he warms up to you, jumping onto your lap.


Drinks on the menu include the creamy Vienna mélange you’ll find in many cafes in Seoul, as well as non-coffee drinks such as matcha latte, and a selection of wine and draft beer. There’s even a platter of cheese to indulge in, which makes this bohemian café a perfect place for post-dinner drinks as well. Mismatched furniture, exposed walls, and golden-framed mirrors provide perfect photo opportunities so you can revisit that unequaled memory.


Closest subway station: Ewha Woman’s University 이대 (line 2)

Address: 67 Ewhayeodae-gil, 3rd floor, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The art lover’s cafe with canvas and paint

From Theo Coffee in Yeonnamdong – 프롬테오



If you love coffee, and you love art, you’ve come to the right place. This trendy Yeonnamdong neighbourhood café serves a tiny easel, a card and paints with your coffee so you can get creative to your heart’s content. Their signature coffee, an orange latte coupled with a Russian cake is the most unforgettable combination. Co-owner Deanna makes the baked goods herself, while her husband Sungjin is an artist. Yes, it’s all coming together beautifully.


Closest subway station: Hongik University 홍대입구 (line 2, 경의중앙선, 공항철도)

Address: 373-13 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The cafe with rainbow cakes and afternoon tea

Gabiter in Gangnam – 가비터



Gabiter offers afternoon tea of a different kind. The tea is given a pass and the focus is all on the scones and sweet treats. Ricotta cheese is served in the shape of a cute little monster, accompanied by macaroons and other sweets. A very Korean snack, we were served a sausage pastry, as well as jam and scones. The highlight has to be the rainbow crepe cake with matcha and chocolate truffles. Layer after layer melts in your mouth, a rainbow colours variety of pure joy. Included in the afternoon tea menu, be ready to indulge in the treats with a stroopwafel and a coffee each. Fat chance for your date to go awry.


Closest subway station: Sinnonhyeon 신논현 (line 9)

Address: 29 Gangnam-daero 106-gil, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The beautiful, traditional cafe with garden

Bear Cafe near Gyeongbokgung Palace – 베어카페



Bear Cafe is a place that really epitomizes what Seoul is all about. It’s a sanctuary of peace and calm in the middle of a hectic city, a space that values and upholds traditions while making it accessible to all.


The traditional Korean house includes a plant-filled garden with bamboo and stone statues. Perfect to visit during the summer, you can choose to sit on one of the porches outside or at Western-style tables. Alternatively, snuggle up indoors to take in the view behind ceiling-high glass windows or have a group date at their long, white table.


Closest subway station: Gyeongbokgung 경복궁 (line 3)

Address: 24 Jahamun-ro 24-gil, Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The hipster cafe with fluffy pancakes

Afternoon Fruit near Seoul National University – 오후의과일



Fluffy pancakes have been a craze for a while now, but sometimes it can take a while to find that one version that will blow you away. I was in sweet pancake heaven when I tried this café’s seasonal fruit soufflé pancake. It was the perfect balance between a light, spongy pancake, flowing whipped cream, and firm-to-the-bite fruits with varying types and levels of sweetness. Make sure you come in the morning or early afternoon, there’s only a limited number of this delicious treat up for grabs.


The walls and ceiling exposed with pipes combine with chandelier lamps, grey wallpaper, white curtains, mismatched tables and chairs and an antique phonograph to give the space an unpolished yet stylish hipster vibe. And we all know amazing dessert and a hip atmosphere make for an unforgettable date.


Closest subway station: Seoul National University 서울대입구 (line 2)

Address: 15 Gwanak-ro 14-gil, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea


No more searching for a romantic cafe in Seoul, we’ve got you covered for your next few dates. And don’t forget, any day can be your Valentine’s Day!


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