Monty Bojangles truffles straight from heaven (also likely to be found in a nearby supermarket)


On a dark, chilly night not so long ago, I found myself standing in our little local Tesco Express, scanning the sweets aisle for something indulgent and exciting. I wanted something new, something scrumptious, something decadent. The usual sweets with their focus on sugar just couldn’t satisfy me anymore. Surely I must have missed something, surely there must be something that looked horrendous but would taste wonderful? And yet what were the odds of that happening? Disheartened and ready to give up, I turned a corner and found what should have been staring me in the face when I entered the store: a towering pile of purple-ish boxes full of Choccy Scoffy Monty Bojangles.



Although a picture of the truffles on the side, the packaging was mysterious enough to make me curious and inviting enough to decide that it must be what I had been looking for. My subconscious conclusions that a lot of thought and effort must have gone into the design, which meant that the same had to apply to the actual food as well (“dusted truffles”, that does sound “curiously moreish”) led to the box landing in the basket. If these truffles are as decadent as the packaging makes me believe them to be, then this would be a great present too – I thought to myself. Then I’ll be back. For more. And boy, I was. But the third time round they had disappeared in my little local Tesco – so don’t be disheartened if they’re not immediately locatable to you.


In fact, something good came out of their disappearance. I sought them out at (recently bought at and found two further flavours: melt-in-your-mouth Creamy Pistachio and Crumbly Cookie. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, smooth Choccy Scoffy come right out of heaven, making the creamy and crumbly delights very close neighbours. As the name hints at, Crumbly Cookie will have crunchy bits included, as will Crunchy Hazelnut and Butterscotch & Sea Salt. Find the right kind for you on your own Monty Bojangles adventure.


With now nine flavours to choose from, I’m positive you will find your favourite one (mine will have to be Choccy Scoffy – it was love at first taste). And although they are all melt-in-your-mouth addictively delicious, they do each have very unique characteristics. For those who are into milky rather than dark chocolate, their newest flavour Milky Mischief will certainly be a treat. Be warned, the Berry Bubbly equals fireworks in your mouth (so this is what the Pop Rocks candy must feel like that I’ve heard so much about)! If anything, an easily accessible and reasonably priced (£3.50-£4 for about 20 truffles) truffle selection must be something to celebrate – fireworks it is!


Availability: Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, Tesco, Amazon & more


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