Not Afternoon Tea at the OXO Tower – cocktails, a view, and (almost) no tea

Intrigued by the name of this afternoon tea, or rather “Not Afternoon Tea” as it is called, I decided to take my partner with me, mark the occasion as a romantic date, and see what it was all about. Cocktails and a view seemed like pretty good date material as well. But it could just as easily have been a girls’ night out too.

Waffles with hot cherries in a sun-filled conservatory, Schloßcafé

Although this is an unlikely spot for a tourist or visitor to ever get to, for you adventurers out there Schloßcafé, a café in a conservatory-like space adjacent to a garden center named Schlößer, at a country road in Moers, Germany, is definitely worth a mention, a write-up even. Personally, I discovered it on a trip to the garden center, which I knew of since my brother lives in the area. But for those of you who think you’re unlikely to venture further afield, if you haven’t had a waffle with hot cherries and cream before, then it’s about time to find out about it.


Quality Newby tea at The Montagu, Hyatt Regency London

When my friend and I decided to meet for afternoon tea in London, she told me it would be her first proper British one in the UK, so I decided to go for a classic one. I’d never been to The Montagu at the Hyatt Regency before, but the menu and presentation looked promising. We were seated at the window in what was a large, open space with high ceilings, a bar to one end of the room, an open kitchen to the other. Divided by only a few pillars, the more lounge-like area next to the restaurant/afternoon tea space was alive with people chatting away. In our more quiet space, the atmosphere was relaxed, free from any disturbances.


A little punch goes a long way – Afternoon tea at The London EDITION

Jasmine infused chocolate ganache

One day I came across a very nice deal for a Scandal Water afternoon tea at The London EDITION Hotel with an extra tea punch to take home, and I did not want to pass up the chance. I arrived at the hotel, followed directions to the designated room, peeked inside, and wondered if I had come to the right place. Upon entering, the room felt rather dark and oaky, with plump leather armchairs and a tucked-away bar with a rich display of colourful glass bottles of alcohol (the hard stuff). It felt mysterious and yes, almost scandalous – (more…)

No effort wastED at the Selfridges pop-up afternoon tea

The wastED tea pop-up I was lucky enough to enjoy on the roof at Selfridges on Wednesday (since it’s a pop-up unfortunately it’s only around until 2nd April and tables get booked out quickly so be sure to secure yours) was an afternoon tea that I was excited about the moment I booked. Knowing that two amazing and world-renowned chefs (Dan Barber and Yotam Ottolenghi) as well as an incredible tea expert (Henrietta Lovell) were behind it was already enough to get me bouncing up and down in anticipation. The fact that the food was not just a food but a medium for a message, or rather a medium to nudge us to think about food and different food parts (those usually discarded in some parts of the world) in a more open way, made me tap my feet together and start dancing (well almost, but such was my excitement!). (more…)

From tradition to tourism? – Afternoon teas in hotels in London


One Aldwych

If you’ve had a couple of afternoon teas in the UK’s capital, you might have noticed that these tend to take place in the lounges or restaurants of hotels. It will likely be a space which either has another function at the same time – for guests waiting, having a chat or enjoying a drink from the bar – or another function before and/or after the designated afternoon tea hours – breakfast, dinner, etc. Which is why you may find yourself being rushed out in some places such as The Langham, where tables have been reserved and need to be prepared for dinner. Due to the nature of afternoon tea being held, well, in the afternoon, from a business perspective this arrangement makes perfect sense. But was it always like this? Has the ceremony of tea always had to share a space in order to make it viable? (more…)

A whimsical Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory tea experience at One Aldwych

If you love Roald Dahl, Tim Burton or, in other words, something whimsical, then One Aldwych is the place to visit. The afternoon tea itself is a hybrid between its classic concept and its quirky execution, much like the space in which you take it is a hybrid between a formal hotel lounge and a relaxed place to enjoy a Willy Wonka bonkers afternoon tea. But the best thing about it is that it’s not all show, meaning substance (taste) isn’t sacrificed for appearance. (more…)