Sichuan food

Dry Pot and Chilli Chicken at Wei Zi Prawn Hot Pot

Wei Zi Prawn Hot Pot (no website yet, but you can get an idea of their menu at Just Eat) between Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush opened only three months ago. Though as their name reveals they are equipped with tables with in-built stoves for shared hot pots, you might want to make the trip to South West London for their dry pots – and their la zi ji. Not that I can comment on their hotpots, since I haven’t tried them yet. But I definitely know that those two dishes are worth coming for. (more…)

Beef and Ox Tripe in Chilli Sauce at Chilli Cool


Beef and Ox Tripe in Chilli Sauce is the dish that I simply had to choose as my first post on Sichuan food, since it has become one of my more recent obsessions. As with làzǐjī and mapo tofu, my beau and I are quick to judge a Sichuan restaurant based on the quality of such dishes (which really just means that we’ll return if it’s good, because we’ll want to have those specific-our-all-time-favourite Sichuan dishes all over again). (more…)