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Juicy, moist tortilla at Bodega de la Ardosa, Madrid

If you think of Spanish cuisine, more often than not a few key foods will come to mind. Aside from tapas (read more about Spain’s tapas culture here), jamón and paella, tortilla will likely be one of the hot contenders. But how much do you really know about this Spanish food ambassador? And do you know where to go for a melt-in-your-mouth feast of tortilla deliciousness?


Swedish Falukorv Stroganoff: the recipe and the history

Here it is, the first recipe posted on the blog! Who would have thought it would be a Swedish one? Certainly not me, since it was only a little over two months ago that I set foot in Sweden for the first time. We went there to spend time with friends over Easter, but ended up with plenty new food discoveries (I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I hadn’t planned to seek them out anyway..). Thanks to my newly-won friend Natsuko who lives in Sweden, cooks wonderful dishes and was happy for me to share her recipe online, I will share with you this quick and tasty Falukorv Stroganoff recipe. Skip to the bottom if you’re short for time to hear about the history of the dish, but if you do have a few extra minutes to spare I can guarantee you it will be worth it (plus when you cook this Stroganoff for family or friends you have a nice little true story to tell).


Horchata – a delicious, sweet Valencian tuber-drink

The first time I came across horchata was on a hot summer day once upon a time in Valencia, sweat streaming down my face, as I was desperately searching for something cool, something refreshing. I found it in the street, not in the form of ice cream, but in the cold, sweet, lip-smackingly delicious horchata ladled out from big metal cylinders built into mobile roadside street carts and poured into paper cones. And if you see orxata written on them, don’t be confused, it’s the same thing, written in Catalan.


Spanish Tapas culture – the amazing El Pezcador in Madrid

I am almost reluctant to share this secret local spot, because somehow until now it has remained hidden in plain sight to visitors streaming past in surrounding streets right in the heart of Madrid. Yet at the same time it is too good to keep secret – I’m simply too riveted by it to not share with you my experiences of El Pezcador and Spanish Tapas culture.


Slower-growth chicken and zero waste

Chris Nuttall-Smith has blessed us with an incredibly informative article in the latest Lucky Peach issue about the rising popularity (or a going-back-to movement) of slower-growth birds in the chicken industry (in particular in the US where the faster-and-bigger-is-better-mantra had become the norm).


Xiao long bao – dumplings filled with soup

As with many of my culinary discoveries, it was New York which introduced me to xiǎolóng bāo (小笼包). And my Chinese friends who brought me to the restaurants where they were freshly made. I’m sure for anyone who remembers their first xiao long bao experience and for those of you who have yet to discover the joy of XLB, the unsuspecting, delicious, soul-warming soup inside this bite-sized pleated dumpling is the most memorable. Like a Kinder surprise egg the highlight is hidden and wrapped inside, and although you may already know the surprise, you are nonetheless excited about it and thrilled by the flavour-intense soup that comes gushing out once you bite a little hole into the slightly stretchy yet thin and delicate dumpling skin. (more…)

Decent sushi in a decent city – Maruyasu in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is an international business and financial centre, renowned for its fashion and trade fairs and known for its academy of arts as well as its Japanese community, one of the largest in Europe and 11,000 strong. It comes as no surprise then that one would be able to find decent sushi – but to know where to find it, that is the key! (more…)